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Welcome to Patent 2 Product Company LTD.

We at Patent 2 Product Co. Ltd. are in the unique position to help inventors make their dreams come true. Through our focus on and experience in manufacturing the highest quality and best branded products on the planet,

we help our clients bring their ideas to life and share them with the world. Through our vast network of partner factories in China, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand we are best positioned to help our clients succeed.

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What do I do now that I have a Patent Pending?

Once your patent is pending, most inventors fear is to move to the next step due to the fact that they are not sure about what to do next. Most “Invention Companies” which Patent 2 Product Co. Ltd is not, will sell you on a 3D design or a presentation video that they claim to show at tradeshows this will not work. If you want to succeed you must make your product store ready to show a buyer! Most inventors do not understand is that once your patent is filed, it is available to the public and that is how we found you. Patent lawyers do not care about whether your product makes it to the market or not. All they are concern about patent fees that they charge you. They really don’t care about what happens next because beyond the filing of the patent. They will not make anymore money from you. Fact!


We can – Patent 2 Product Co. Ltd. , we can help with the manufacture of your product. We offer our services to clients who have pending patents or who already have the patent on products we believe will become commercially successful. We produce products China, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand. Manufacturing in China will cost just a fraction of what it would cost to make in the U.S.

For over two decades, we have been in the business of helping inventors create their products in China, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand.


We feel the best place to launch your product is on Amazon as a FBA prime seller. Trying to get your product into the big box stores is very difficult. If a large chain store places an order with you they will not pay you for 60 – 90 days after the product is delivered to their warehouse that is a long time and allot of money you to shell out and wait to be paid, most of clients can’t afford this. Amazon is putting the big box stores out of business this is a Fact! Amazon is the best place for you to introduce your new product and a find out what the world thinks about your idea.

This is our specially we have a creative design department, a complete photo and video studio for on and off site photography to create the product images that you must have for Amazon, trusted Chinese manufactures that fit your product category. We have a full service logistics team able to drop ship to your Amazon store warehouse anywhere in the world.