I am so glad I have chosen to work with Patent 2 Products! Everything that was explained to me by Rick Williams is true! Immediate 3D designs and contact with the CEO Michael Hayden, whom shares his vast amount of knowledge and mentoring with each call. We are a "Team" and everyone is working hard and Fast to launch my design to the public! I have only been working with Patent 2 Products for a little over 2 months, and we are already creating samples for my review, my domain name is set up and we are working on my website, the logo is in the creating stage, designing hang tags and having weekly calls to touch base and connect with Michael the CEO. Its all about Teamwork with Patent 2 Product! I could not be happier!

Nancy MO, USA

You pulled it off !!!! You saw my vision and brought it to life. I can't thank you enough. I have been checking them out. love the digital, I would like to see black white and red also. They are all cool for sure.I love the ones with more print coverage .would like to see more with a variety of different images, like pot leaves overlapping each other (big seller) logos of sports teams, four-letter clan tags on any of styles. So they can pass them out to their buddies. You also sent me a sample with bumps that I loved as well. We could have two different styles with images. Overall you guys have worked hard to make my dream come true. I can't thank you enough you guys are awesome!!!!!!!!

Victor, Illinois, USA

Your a good man Michael Hayden😉. I do appreciate your exemplary professionalism. Hard to find dude, hard to find. Explaining in detail what I don't understand takes up a bit of your time (thank goodness you like to talk a lot 😜just kidding) and I'm not out to waste your time but I've gotten in the habit of wasting my own. I'm working on fixing that too. Heck, when I'm awake I'm always moving, as long as the tv is off. Lol . You know? With every task I complete makes me feel good. But, nothing is easy now is it? I guess that's why it feels so good. Anyway thanks for caring.

Suzanne CA, USA

We received the shower system today. It looks and feels Great ! We are going to installed on a wall tomorrow and see how it works. We are very excited about the system. I know that you send a round shower head and a shower head with hand handle. I like the round shower head for the system. Thank You!

Carlos, Texas, USA

Product looks great and great craftsmanship. I am well pleased. Thank you and blessings

Ty, Oklahoma, USA