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Before a new product or idea can be engineered or manufactured, it must pass initial concept design first. The conceptual design stage reveals what problems the product will solve and how it will function. This is the most creative stage in the product development process, this is where the heart of innovation is found. Considering every possibility for a product or idea is one of the most important steps when it comes to product development. Patent 2 Product’s experienced Initial Concept Design team will help you visualize the full potential of your product or idea.


Turning an idea into a marketable product requires more than just innovation and creative thinking. Patent 2 Product provides premium end-to-end product design and development services for businesses, entrepreneurs, or enterprises. P2P is able to help you generate a detailed initial concept design, so your product idea is ready for final engineering. Every detail will be considered to ensure this process runs as smooth as possible.


When it comes to new product development, engineering is a critical step before manufacturing costs become involved. Patent 2 Product’s engineering service determines the materials, manufacturing method, and equipment necessary to make the development of new products a successful reality. Once your idea is ready for the product engineering stage, P2P’s experienced team of engineers calculate solutions before they become manufacturing, material, or consumer problems.


Photo-Realistic 3D product renderings bring your product to life. P2P creates final product renderings that show the overall design, materials, colors and finishes, etc…3D renderings streamline the design process prior to spending money on manufacturing.It allows the design team to communicate with our clients as well as our manufacturers.


3D printing builds a three-dimensional object with the help of a computer-aided design. The process of 3D printing involves building the object up, layer by layer. Patent 2 Product helps bring your products to life in a visual form. With the help of P2P’s 3D printing process, the creative possibilities are endless when it comes to product development and design.


Having a professional image is just as important as developing a great product in the 21st century. With online presence being as important as it is, your product needs the right promotional tools to achieve success. That’s why P2P offers a full video production service to provide your new products with the promotional material they need to get off to a fast start. Having professional promotional videos will help your products generate the buzz they need to get noticed.


Before your product is produced on a mass scale, Pre-Production Sampling is crucial to avoid possible headaches in the future. Patent 2 Product will ensure thorough Pre-Production Sampling has occurred prior to production. By doing Pre-Production Sampling, you can help prevent problems before they occur. With Pre-Production Sampling being done effectively and efficiently, your risk of an immediate product recall is decreased greatly.



Specifications state how a product is made and what it is designed to do. Design specifications help design teams understand how compliant the design is with the product requirement specifications. These specs provide the information that product teams need to help a design reach its full potential. P2P’s design specification services discover and document the possible features or functionalities for new and existing products.


Every great product needs even better promotional materials to back it up. Having professional promotional materials gives your products an even higher chance of achieving success. P2P offers studio or on location multimedia and professional photography services. Give your products the web presence they need to get noticed by your target markets.


The manufacturing process is one of the most important and exciting parts of the product development cycle. When materials are ready to be made into the final product, the manufacturing process begins. P2P will ensure the manufacturing process goes smoothly every step of the way. Once the manufacturing process is complete, the final product will be ready to hit the market.



Social media is one of the most important marketing tools at your disposal in the modern business world. Running effective social media campaigns is a science and an art that takes time to master. Most people who are entrepreneurs or business owners have enough going on without having to worry about managing social media campaigns for their products. P2P can help you with your social media presence so you can get back to business as usual.

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Having a professional website gives your products or brand a face to establish trust within the marketplace. Making sure your website is easily accessible to your potential customers is a great way for your product to be discovered and purchased. Patent 2 Pending can conceptualize and design a website specifically for your product to increase your web presence. Once your website is up and running efficiently, you can begin to market your product to prospective customers who are ready to buy now.

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Our award winning team of creative and experienced designers, with more than 25 years of experience will design top notch and eye catching packaging that will make your product stand out among competitors.

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