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Cozie Jules

We want what you want: to keep your baby happy! Infants are meant to be snuggled, adored, and loved. Let’s give those sweet cheeks more KISSES out of JOY instead of sadness from scratches!

The Double Bungee

  • “The Double Bungee” is a technologically created device.
  • “The Double Bungee” is the only bungee designed with the “unique double spindle design.”
  • “The Double Bungee” is the only device that is “one unit” working as “two separate entities.” People trying to store badges, keys (3-4 keys), and other items together that people work with frequently.

Original Cannula Comfort

A nasal cannula holding assembly includes a pair of straps that each has a plurality of first holes extending there through and a plurality of second holes extending there through. Each of the straps includes a plurality of first engagements and a plurality of second engagements.

Versa Caps

I have for years liked to wear my hat backward. The main reason is because the brim, for me, has always been too long. I like wearing hats backwards, but the brim still is too long. I begin to think of a hat with a smaller brim worn exclusively backward.

That was the beginning of Versa caps. Through the years I have noticed that sports fans of all kinds, athletes, and people in general, like to wear their hats backward too.

Paw Kit 2Go

The Paw Kit 2 Go is created and designed by Nancy Page. Born in the Midwestern part of the United States. Nancy has had pets in her life from birth. Everything from dogs to fish. Her career in retail has taught her exceptional customer service and enhanced her business and leadership skills.

Original Sponge Scrapers

  • THREE-IN-ONE PATENTED DESIGN: The only sponge with a built-in scraper, textured scrubbing & soft absorbent surfaces. These sponge scrapers are perfect for kitchen and bathroom use, making them the ideal cleaning tool for housekeeping duties
  • NON-SCRATCH SCRUBBING ACTION: Use these sponges for dishes with your favorite dish soap or household cleaning supplies will make for sparkling clean result without the use of multiple cleaning tools.

Shoulder Sling

  • Multipurpose shoulder sling with abduction pillow: post-op rotator cuff repairs, bankart procedures, dislocation/subluxation, shoulder replacement, soft tissue injury, fractures, etc.
  • Removable 15-degree contoured cushioned abduction pillow with INNOVATIVE STORAGE COMPARTMENT: the only sling on the market that features a pillow with storage. Provides convenient storage for necessities, eliminates the wearer from digging through a pocket or purse and helps keep wallet, keys, credit cards, cell phone, etc., readily accessible.

Original Mouse House

A mouse house for trapping rodents, comprising: a flat sheet configured to twist into a tube, wherein the tube having open ends on both sides, thereby enabling the rodents to enter into the tube, wherein the interior surface and walls of the tube is coated by an adhesive agent; at least two stands comprise an opening in its center region, configured to receive and support both ends of the tube.

Original 2 IN 1

Original 2 IN 1 is perfectly designed for us all, with parents, athletes, elders, and everyone else in mind. The dual container created and tested allows the convenience of having two beverages of choice in one bottle. Made by parents of young children, who understand the burden of carrying water, juice, milk, and others in different bottles.